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don’t be friends with seniors because they will graduate and leave you and it’ll suck


don’t be friends with seniors if you’re a senior because they’ll go to a different college than you and it will suck

dont make friends

glad we sorted that out guys

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Stealing this idea from my bud!

1. I am stronger than I thought. I went into college a very confused first generation college student and I somehow managed to survive a health crisis, financial crisis, and a series of hearings and trials.

2. I NEED help sometimes and that is okay. I am strong, but I am not a superheroine and asking for help is okay.It is okay to let people know about what is happening to you. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Sharing your struggle is not something to be embarrassed about.

3. It’s okay to take a break. Just don’t take too many! I try to get two pages of a paper done and then I play a 2 minute game on my iPad.

4. Miso soup can cure everything

5. It’s important to make friends. I would not have survived this semester if it wasn’t for my friends.

6. Office hours help! GO TO THEM!

7. It is really hard working and going to college. REALLY HARD

8. You need to write a paper more than a few hours in advance for it to be a good paper!

9. You need to have fun sometimes or else everything will be meaningless. Good grades mean nothing if you feel isolated and depressed.

10. Sometimes you will meet people who make you uncomfortable because they are really different from you. That’s okay! Just be polite and kind and you can handle anything.

11. People are mean sometimes and will say things to be spiteful. Trying to stop them is a waste of your time and effort.

12. Meeting celebrities never gets old.

13. You should never date a childhood idol, they never match up to that ideal.

14. Don’t date someone you have nothing to say to! It’s hard

15. If someone asks you out for coffee JUST GO. It’s harmless and you never know, you might meet a nice friend.

16. Sleep is important! I never valued sleep until I nearly died and now I need to get my eight hours or I am grumpy.

17. It’s important to eat regularly. If you don’t eat enough you’ll be cranky and hungry all the time. No extra minute of studying is worth it.


19. BACK UP YOUR BACK UPS. AND EVERYTHING. DON’T LET ANYTHING GO UNSAVED. I had the worst experience with a bad lab report.

20. College is just as amazing as everyone says it is. I am so so fortunate to have the chance to go somewhere like Barnard. I hope that my younger cousins get this sense from me and get to experience this too.


I did one of these last year, so I should probably follow through again with the lessons I’ve learned during the year of wise fools. It’s been quite a journey with plenty of downs and just enough ups to keep me afloat. I’m not sure that I’m 100% comfortable where I am, but I’ve learned to focus on the positives to keep myself sane.

10. Economics is hard. Like really hard. And evidently not for me.

9. There is strength in admitting you can’t do everything. This is not weakness, it is wisdom.

8. People have a serious issue with people who speak their mind. Especially when they don’t agree with the opinion expressed. Yet another reason I’m so happy I grew up being exposed to many differing viewpoints and was encouraged to express my own while respectfully acknowledging others.

7. Never listen to dark thoughts at 3am in the morning. There is going to be a day, somewhere along the line, in which you will think, What if I had missed this?

6. Taking a poetry class was simultaneously the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And being taught by Mr. Zadie Smith was simultaneously the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

5. Believe me when I say that you will find something that sets your heart on fire and you will major in this and your heart will be filled with rainbows and unicorns. #politicalscience

4. Don’t let people get to you and ignore them when they tell you how to live your life. Remember that when you go out into the real world, you will be much better adjusted.

3. Internships are not nearly as daunting as they might seem. And the working world is actually really great. I get to go home at 6? And there’s no homework involved?

3. Fall Out Boy is back and if I fail my finals it’s all because of the epicness that is Save Rock and Roll. PS I’m seeing them at the Barclays Center in September and I AM SO EXCITED.

2. Living in a single is actually the best thing ever. But the loneliness can take a little bit of getting used to.

1. New York is still the best city ever. The end.

Bonus: Sophomore slump is real you guys. It is actually a thing.

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"JK Rowling created seven Horcruxes. She put a part of her soul in every book and now her books will live forever"  -Stephen King (via howtedmethiswife)

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Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about your gender, race, or creed. All he cares about is that you can cook.

The contestant, Christine, is blind, and he lets her know exactly what he thinks of her dish.

OMG I was preparing myself to be enraged by him making some horrible comment but now I’m crying in Starbucks GOD DAMMIT

Christ I am not okay with these fEELINGS

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“lets hope so because everyone i met so far is a bunch of cunts”

Laughing so hard because its so true

I think the person that wrote that didn’t understand the question.

i think they understood it perfectly

I’ve been to many many places, and my personal experience is: the dodgier the place looks, the better the food. Just a room with chairs and the menu scribbled on the wall…god that food will stay with you.

If they spend a fuckton of money on decor, their food is usually shit.


i’m a strong believer that not everything you do needs an explanation. if you want a tattoo, get one. if you rather stay home that night, it’s okay to miss that party. don’t forget that you’re living for yourself. you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices or preferences.

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"I am a lover and have not found my thing to love. It makes my destruction inevitable, you see. There are few who understand that." Sherwood Anderson, Winesburg, Ohio (via itsfromabook)

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january 2013: this shall be my year

may 2013: well, shit

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Herro Anna.: Loneliness.


I used to feel incredibly sad about the fact that I do not have many friends.

My therapist once asked me “So, what do you do besides work?”

And I literally had no answer. I was speechless. I told her I attend classes, but when she asked if I had any friends there that I saw outside of class,…


Hubble has spotted an ancient galaxy that shouldn’t exist

This galaxy is so large, so fully-formed, astronomers say it shouldn’t exist at all. It’s called a “grand-design” spiral galaxy, and unlike most galaxies of its kind, this one is old. Like, really, really old. According to a new study conducted by researchers using NASA’s Hubble Telescope, it dates back roughly 10.7-billion years — and that makes it the most ancient spiral galaxy we’ve ever discovered.
“The vast majority of old galaxies look like train wrecks,” said UCLA astrophysicist Alice Shapley in a press release. “Our first thought was, why is this one so different, and so beautiful?”

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